Trang chủ » You probably know how SenYu has actually a lover, but they are towards the extremely bad terms and conditions because of that fox

You probably know how SenYu has actually a lover, but they are towards the extremely bad terms and conditions because of that fox

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ShangGu tells your that he changed a great deal, and he reacts that have “I would like to alter the ways I’m traditions my entire life, will there be an issue with that?”

ShangGu goes to pick BaiJue, and then he pretends becoming a good playboy so ShangGu do dislike your. But ShangGu understands that TianQi and you can BaiJue try plotting things, given that she implemented TianQI when he is actually coming out of the QingChi Castle. Once the she suits more individuals, ShangGu’s doubtful of just what she did before, and memory loss.

BaiJue have a feast that have MuGuang and you will SenYu, the new Demon King’s child. The two of them one another believe that it’s a pitfall placed from the other side (lol), and you can MuGuang is kind of freaked-out just like the BaiJue are drinking wine as well as seeing the newest dancing. ShangGu renders an undertake the 3 went dragon, and she disguises because the 3 Going Dragon to see BaiJue’s meal, to consume dinner. Given that MuGuang and you can SenYu is actually arguing on the liberties because of their own someone, demon and you will immortals, ShangGu tries to exit with the “I have to pee” excuse, but then she’s pulled with the conversation, thus she manages to lose the girl disguise and from now on turns out herself, ShangGu. This woman is so annoyed your Correct Gods indulge themselves (talking to BaiJue, coughing cough) and divine monsters get bribed.

ShangGu wishes BaiJue to drink the lady drink, but it is very skeptical, also it are poisoned! To own heartless people, it might kill them. ShangGu informs your one to she would like to stab your once more. BaiJue pretends not to ever care and attention, but once she renders, he begins crying.

ShangGu tells your one at first, the person she most planned to find is BaiJue, nevertheless now all of the the girl fascination with your is fully gone

Oh my, the three Going Dragon acquired bribes regarding both sides… each other from MuGuang and you may SenYu, at the same rates. ShangGu: not surprising you wanted me to go for you at the banquet.

Shanggu meets JingZhao, and so they hit right up a deal. In the event the ShangGu renders BaiJue and will not arrived at their palace anymore, following JingZhao would share with the lady about QingMu and you will HouChi.

ShangGu face Baijue about them are QingMu and you may HouChi, but he still pretends eg the guy cannot worry, hence each of them must not care about during the last, and that the fresh like between QingMu and HouChi died between the a couple of him or her, there’s nothing between BaiJue and you can ShangGu. Shanggu is really so disgusted you to definitely she says to him that one or two of them would not see from now on, and you may she and additionally yields the fresh bracelet one to BaiJue provided in order to her on really earliest periods.

Oof, ends up after, BaiJue concealed themselves due to the fact FengRan, and you will adopted YuanQi, his son, with the mortal business. OH Snap, BaiJue try the person who instructed YuanQi how to travel kites, enjoy chinese dominoes, and you may consume numerous food. Not surprising whenever inquired about they, the actual FengRan absolutely refused it.

Thus SenYu and you may JIngJian satisfy, and you will after watching exactly how with ease JingJian and you may FengRan work together due to the fact people, he pulls your away and you can wants lady information

[Ep 46] ShangGu tells YuanQi you to their father is brand new North sea lord QingMu, and that his mommy are HouChi, aka ShangGu, and therefore ShangGu’s YuanQi’s mommy.

WuHuan finally and has now all of the Devil Fuel, as soon as she tickets a go, upcoming she gets the fresh Demon Lord. So fundamentally, WuHuan is the new Xuanyi, which will be the following In pretty bad shape Demo.

YueMi in some way returns, then again she stabs TianQi, therefore actually is WuHuan concealed since the YueMi. He becomes deceased (most likely, his passing is a bit doubtful tho)

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